Additional explanations regarding the toll system for charging vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 tons

From March 1, 2020 in the Republic of Bulgaria, an electronic system for collecting road tolls is being implemented, which are calculated based on the actual distance traveled on those sections of the road network that fall within the scope of the system. To date, there are four toll payment options for carriers to choose from:

- Option 1

By purchasing a route card. It is valid for 24 hours from the moment of its confirmation. Carriers should purchase it from the places provided for this purpose before carrying out the respective journey, specifying a starting point, an ending point and several control intermediate points. More information can be found at the following link:

- Option 2

By declaring the data on the road sections traveled by means of an additional OBU device (the so-called "machine"). This device is provided to carriers by a National Service Provider (NSP). More information about this option, prices and current news about it, can be found at

- Option 3

Through a device of a European Service Provider (EUST), or in other words a "machine", purchased from abroad, which serves a toll system outside Bulgaria. This device allows tolls to be calculated not only in Bulgaria, but also in other countries with toll systems. For this purpose, this EUEST provider must have an agreement with the API or NSU in Bulgaria.

- Option 4

Our company Ravena OOD and accordingly our GPS platform Skywatch is now an official partner of TOLLBG (you can check this at the following link: In this way, you can pay the toll fees due via the vehicle's existing GPS tracking device, instead of via a route map or additional OBU "machine". For this purpose, three conditions must be met:

1. The GPS device must meet API criteria (otherwise, a new device that meets the requirements of the toll system will need to be purchased and installed). You can check on the following phones: 0887069238, 0884041929, 02/8657351, 02/8660886.

2. Existing GPS devices that are suitable for use should be reconfigured according to API requirements to be able to transmit the data at a very high frequency.

3. You must conclude a contract with Ravena OOD regarding the provision of GPS services. For existing subscribers who already have a contract, a new contract should be concluded. In the event that any of the devices already installed in the motor vehicle does not meet all the requirements of API, an Annex to the contract should be signed, where there will be a recommendation to replace the GPS devices with a model that is fully compatible.

4. You must conclude a contract with TOLLBG and designate Ravena OOD / Skywatch as your GPS service provider (for more information, visit You can fill out a contract request at

In case you choose this option, your current Skywatch GPS monthly fee remains unchanged! This is only valid for current customers of Ravena OOD. All prospective customers will pay an additional fee if they wish to declare their tolls via the Skywatch GPS platform.

Due to the still limited information about the price of the different options, we cannot advise you which option is the most beneficial for you.

If you choose to report via an additional OBU device (Option 2), you will be able to get a "machine" (the OBU device) for a deposit of BGN 1. without VAT and you will pay a monthly fee for each vehicle to TOLLPASS in the amount of BGN 15.90. without VAT per month. (

In case you choose to report via the GPS device in your vehicle (Option 4), you will owe a monthly fee for each vehicle to TOLLBG (the amount of the fee has not yet been made public).

RAVENA OOD / Skywatch has no financial relation to the fees you will pay to TOLLBG!