Automatic remote download of data from tachographs and driver cards

For our company, the customer relationship is extremely important, and when carriers say they want to save time, effort and fines, we listen! In connection with the EU regulation for the mandatory download of data from tachographs every 3 months and driver cards every 28 days, we have received numerous inquiries from our customers about the possibility of doing this remotely from the office. In response, over the past few months the Skywatch GPS team has focused its efforts on developing an automatic system to remotely retrieve data from tachograph memory and driver maps. The software ensures that all files are downloaded promptly on schedule and stored in the Skywatch GPS data center.

- How it works?

Your company card is inserted into a card reader that connects to a computer or laptop with an Internet connection. A special program is installed on this computer that starts automatically when the computer starts (You don't have to start it or take care of it). That is all! You don't need to do anything else, the software will automatically start downloading the data from the tachographs every month and every 14 days from the drivers' cards according to a predetermined schedule. At any time you can access the collected files, you can download them to your computer for storage, you can even receive them automatically in your email!

All the options that existed until now required you to commit to manually running the program and downloading the data truck by truck. Now that's in the past! Everything happens completely automatically, without your participation, completely imperceptibly! In this way, you have the opportunity to save a lot of time, fines and unnecessary nerves.

In case you are interested in this service, please contact us on tel. 0887069238.