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About us

Ravena Ltd. was established in 1994 in the city of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria.
Interests in the fields of trade and providing services were set as Company's priorities. In the same time, the Company laid down the basis of high performance criteria, aiming at becoming a leader in the branch.

In late 1994 the Company focused its operations on the sale and installation of car security and audio systems and respective accompanying accessories.
Enlarging the product range and team's professionalism enhanced Company's popularity among the users as their reliable and preferred partner.

In 1997 the Company opened a second office and installation center in order to meet the needs of its numerous new customers.

As of late 2000 Ravena has been offering to its customers all types of car insurance policies upon particularly interesting terms and with leading insurance companies.

The sales expansion that followed resulted in opening third office and installation center in the city of Sofia in early 2001. In the same year the first alarm system of proprietor's trade mark - Sepia car alarm - was launched and became very successful product on the Bulgarian market.
Over the next years the Company continued to develop and grow.  Excellent trade relations have been established with a great part of car importers in Bulgaria - Nissan, Renault, Opel, Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Audi.

In 2005 a quite new product for the Bulgarian market was presented: CAN BUS car alarm - an interface alarm system, which allowed maintaining manufacturer's remote car control, combining it with the functionality of the classic alarm system. This feature made the product a best seller among both distributors and users.

Over the next years the Company enriched its product range with Bluetooth hands-free devices, parking sensors, multimedia systems, chip tuning, xenon lights, GPS systems and other high-tech electronic devices and accessories, direct imports from well-known European and world manufacturers.

Nowadays Ravena is official importer for Bulgaria of more than 15 high-tech companies and works with more than 40 distributors all around the country, including car agencies and their dealers, official car services, installation and tuning centers.

For offering high quality products and services, in 2008 the Company got certified under EN ISO 9001:2000 by Aenor International (Spain) and IQ-Net (Switzerland).
Thanks to Ravena team's professional performance, many insurance companies, banks, state institutions and private companies became our customers and partners. The excellent cooperation with them, as well as with the remaining customers, gives us enough grounds to state that we defend successfully our logo:

        'Correctness, quality, professionalism!'

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